Caliterra Robert Mondavi Winery Architectural Sketch


BRU Architects is an award-winning residential, commercial, and industrial design practice recognized for outstanding work at a great diversity of scales, and focused on timeless designs.

Our work is defined by our constant attention to light and a quality of space, both playful and serene.  We produce design-oriented architecture expressing contemporary elegance with a unique sense of place.

In order to connect to each client's individual needs, our design process begins with an understanding of every unique site. From studies and conversations with our clients, we respond with a plan that offers elegant and inventive designs that are visually stunning, ecologically efficient, and emotionally resonant. In every project we undertake, our absolute focus is on creating balance through beauty, celebrating the natural poetry of the environment.

Studio culture is balanced and collaborative –studio members work non-hierarchically to engage clients in a shared process, designing solutions that are elegant, efficient and sustainable.


BRU Architects blends detail and material-oriented design with sustainable practices; the mixture of timeless elegance and enduring, site-specific architecture sets BRU Architects apart in their field as award-winning tastemakers.

Our designs express a unique sense of place, informed by client needs, with a reverence for material and existing landscapes.

No matter the size of a project, our work is stunning and tasteful at any scale. From the profoundly personal to the institutional, our studio works closely with consultants, artisans, and builders to fully realize the concept and execute precisely.

Luxury Residential Interior Design Detail

Luxury Interiors, Raw Materials in Architectural Details


BRU Architects is committed to creating architecture that enhances both our clients lives and the site itself.  We honor the most beautiful part of a property by not actually building upon it and instead designing a structure that focuses upon it.  We blur the edge of building by designing both architecture and landscape; this accommodates the life within a building, encouraging the interplay of structure and surroundings. We seek to create memorable and enduring spaces, exalting natural beauty with clean design.

We work closely with our clients to design, and construct their vision; we listen objectively, working to clarify values to create a cohesive plan. For each unique site, we create a response that expresses the location’s unique language.  The solutions we devise are singular to the context and scale of a project.

We believe that good architecture is a backdrop: upon this canvas, one celebrates life, light, nature, and art. Great buildings create an understated environment that makes room for the important things. We celebrate the act of design with exquisite materials and unique details and create elegant, inventive designs that are stunning, comfortable, and longstanding.

We create buildings that are simple instead of minimal; restrained, not constrained; in and of the world, not just on it. As a natural extension of our need for structure and harmony, architecture shapes the form and meaning of our lives. We are ultimately concerned with creating spaces that enable the expression of one's ideal self.


BRU Architects was founded by Bernardo Urquieta in 1993, after over a decade under the tutelage of icons such as William Turnbull, Charles Moore, and Joseph Esherick, where he obtained a training that informed his focus on clean, contemporary design, paired with an attention to regional construction practices and site requirements.The studio has been recognized for outstanding work in both commercial and residential projects at a great diversity of scales.  BRU Architects is located in San Francisco, California. 

Bernardo is also internationally recognized for his avocation for the preservation of vernacular religious architecture on the Island of Chiloe –which has now received UNESCO World Heritage status.

Pen and Ink Perspective Illustration Konzerthaus Berlin