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BRU Architects is an award-winning residential, commercial, and industrial design practice recognized for outstanding work in both commercial and residential projects at a great diversity of scales. Our work is defined by our constant attention to light and the quality of space, bringing forth an architecture that is both playful and serene.  Collaborative and synergistic in practice, the firm produces sustainable and design-oriented architecture that expresses contemporary elegance with a unique sense of place. Our design process begins with cultivating a profound understanding of qualities unique to a site’s location and using these features to forge a deep connection to each client’s individual needs. From these initial studies and conversations, designers are then able to respond with a design that offers a connection to natural human scales, emotions, and breadth of experience. In every project undertaken, the absolute focus is on creating balance, and beauty, celebrating the natural virtues of the site.

Studio culture is balanced and collaborative; studio members work non-hierarchically to engage clients in a shared process, searching for clever solutions to produce elegant designs that are energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable. Working closely with clients from concept to construction, project managers and designers research project parameters, exploring the best use of space in order to maximize natural beauty. No matter the project’s scale, the studio works closely with consultants, artisans, and builders to fully realize the concept and execute precisely.

As a natural extension of our need for structure and harmony, architecture shapes the form and meaning of our lives. With a zen focus on the natural flow of our designs and a baroque obsession with processes and materials, we are ultimately concerned with creating spaces that enable the poetic expression of one’s ideal self. Let’s build something to last.